Checking In

About the project

At at time where the Asian-American community has been silenced, violated, and misrepresented, I used this piece to show representation in a new light. After experiencing a violent hate crime from a stranger against my Asian husband in early 2020, I wanted to respond to the injustice I was grieving.

With this piece, I set out to explore a new form of advocacy- one where the Asian-American identity is heard, honored, and praised. Combining poetry, live-action and 2D animation, my piece explores both the tenderness and the power of the Asian community. In order to model power-sharing and minority community solidarity, I worked with an all-Asian team of artists for this project. This piece is my love letter to my Asian family and friends.


Premiering 2022

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Proudly featuring a cast and crew made 100% of BIPOC artists.

  • Directed and Choreographed by: Francesca Patrón

  • Producer: Tiffany Mau

  • Writer: Lor-Shing Hsu

  • Animation: Alex Lee

  • Cinematographer: Yoshikazu Ysa

  • Starring: Hana Wu

  • Language and Culture Consultants: John Ho & Sharline Liu

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